Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Planning a Sports Themed Wedding

A sports themed wedding is absolutely the way to go as you look to plan your pending nuptuals. Whether your favorite sport is professional baseball, basketball, hockey or football, incorporating a sports theme into your special day is actually something that can be done rather elegantly. It will also be an affair that your guests will never forget. Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the traditional wedding, but by incorpating some elements of your favorite sport, it will help to loosen up your guests and make the night one they will never forget.

Crystal and I got married last July. We had a sports themed wedding and people still talk about it, whenever we visit. We designed wedding invitations that looked like a sporting event tickets and wedding programs that resembled a gameday program. In the last eight months, we've expanded these ideas into a thriving online business, providing custom designed sports themed wedding invitations, wedding programs and save the dates. We can also provide customized sporting equipment like foam balls, hocket pucks, and felt pennants. I believe in these economic times that an extravagant wedding is not necessarily where people want to sink their money. Guest lists are shrinking and instead of impressing guests, couples and their guests want to be part of something unique. That's exactly what a sports themed wedding can be. it can have all of the elegance of your traditional affair with the familiar influence of a favorite sport as a tribute to the bride and groom.
We can help you to accessorize your themed wedding. We have a talented array of graphics folks that assemble a series of proofs for you to choose from. Check out www.sportsthemedweddings.com for more details.