Thursday, January 25, 2007

Stadium 7 - Lambeau Field - Green Bay, WI

This was the crowning achievement of my Quest, my trip to the "Frozen Tundra", Title Town, Lambeau Field. Of all the stadiums in the league, this is the one I most wanted to attend a game in. Packer fans are most like Bills fans. They're warm, blue-collar, cold-weather fans who actually own their team. Easily the envy of any small market team. I thought that of all the stadiums in the league, Lambeau would be the most difficult to get a ticket for. That was until Day to the Day, Day, Day ... all Day, informed me that his cousin, Tory Humphrey was a player for the Green Bay Packers and could get us tickets ... player tickets, that would place us in row two of section 116, right behind the player bench. That was an amazing experience ... donning the foam rubber cheesehead and cheering on the venerable Brett Favre as he took on the New England Patriots in a rematch of their 1997 Super Bowl win, we had a blast. Check out my experience at Lambeau Field at,

Stadium 6 - Paul Brown Stadium - Cincinnati, OH

It was Monday night football at TJ's spot and myself, Day Day, and TJ got together to watch the game. I had spied a pair of tickets on E-bay that weren't getting many bids earlier in the evening. They were tickets for the Cincinnati Bengals game that Sunday, so when I got over to TJ's I bid on the tickets and won. Our Frat brother JC lives in Cincinnati and I hadn't seen him in a while so I thought it was a opportune time to pay him a visit. JC is a walking party ... all day, all night, all JC. That dude is a trip. I was looking to have a good time and the city of Cincinnati delivered. The Bengals game on Sunday was awesome! Paul Brown Stadium was filled with orange and black the the fans were in a frenzy as their hometeam Bengals took on the SanDiego "Super" Chargers. I'd purchased a Carsen Palmer jersey the night before and for some reason had the theme song to "WKRP" in my head. "WHO DEY!!!" Check out my experience at Paul Brown Stadium at

Stadium 5 - Bank of America Stadium - Charlotte, NC

I have been visiting my friend Jermain in Charlotte, NC for years. Each spring I 'd take about a week and play golf down there, usually stopping at the Pro Football Hall of Fame on the way down. During all of those visits, Bank of America Stadium loomed in the background mocking me as it beckoned for me to see a game. This fairly new facility, built in 1996, was Stadium #5 in my Quest. Last Spring, when I was in Charlotte, we noticed the Dallas Cowboys were coming to town to face the Carolina Panthers on Halloween weekend. Jermain is a huge Cowboys fan and has never seen them live. I thought it was my duty as his best friend to make sure he got there. I bought a ticket on priceline,com to fly into Charlotte for the weekend well before we got game tickets because I was on my way to Germany. Tickets to see the Cowboys were harder to come by than we expected. In the end, E-bay was our salvation as we scored seats in section 543 the week of the game. The Cowboys were victorious as Tony Romo debuted on national TV. Check out my experience at

Monday, January 22, 2007

Stadium 4 - Ford Field - Detroit, MI

Ford Field in Detroit, MI is a state of the art indoor facility in the heart of downtown Detroit. Constructed in the Old Hudson's Warehouse area of the city, the Ford family has built an awesome domed structure with plenty of ambient light, fantastic concessions, and a practice facility all in one conglomerate structure. Adams St. and Beaubien St. were the original border streets of the Hudson's Warehouse. They are now enclosed within Ford Field to serve as concourses, housing concessions and souvenirs. Detroit is where I currently reside, and Ford Field does not disappoint as an NFL venue ... Stadium #4. For my first trip to Ford Field, I was accompanied by the fellas from Buffalo who braved driving bans throughout the city to watch our hometown Bills take on the Lions. The Bills lost, but your can check out my experience in Ford Field at,

Monday, January 15, 2007

Stadium 3 - Cleveland Browns Stadium - Cleveland,OH

Cleveland Browns Stadium was Stadium #3 on my quest. My frat brother Arnold and I attended the Detroit Lions vs. Cleveland Browns game on October 23, 2005. As a resident of Cleveland, Arnold had the hook up on some great seats in the lower bowl. The game, which was a matchup of two horrible teams, was not the most exciting of contests, but the atmosphere of Cleveland Browns stadium was well worth the trip. You can see pictures of my experience at

Friday, January 12, 2007

Stadium 2 - Raymond James Stadium - Tampa Bay, FL

Raymond James Stadium is easily my favorite stadium. The weather is always fantastic, the faciliy is top notch, and having family in the area always makes a trip down there better. The pirate ship at Raymond James Stadium in probably the most attractive fan feature in the NFL. Looking from the stands, it almost looks as though the ship is sailing through an ocean of fans. The best thing about the stadium is how the pirate theme is carried throughout the facility ... there are pirates walking around the stadium, all the concessions stands are pirate themed, and the fans a phenomenal.

I visited Raymond James Stadium on December 10, 2006 and watched as the hapless Bucs were crushed by the incomparable Mike Vick and the visiting Atlanta Falcons, a summary of my experience can be found at

The day was still fantastic. We tailgated in the parking area, grilliing up some local stone crab claws and acorn squash along with some chili dogs (Hormel makes a great canned turkey chili that is 99% fat free). The stone crab claws prived to be a bit more challenging to open that I expected. Instead of cracking them open with a nutcracker ... I ended up swing that nut cracker in an attempt the smash the claws open.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Stadium 1 - Ralph Wilson Stadium - Buffalo, NY

Ralph Wilson Stadium, "The Ralph", my home stadium and stadium #1 on my quest. I grew up watching the Buffalo Bills play ... watching the cannon arm of "machine gun" Kelly, the shiftyness of "the Thurmanator", the game speed of Andre Reed. I reveled in the success of the Super Bowl Years .... Project: Pasadena, Mission: Minneapolis, Assignment: Atlanta and in the abysmal state that the franchse is in now. But through it all I remain a Bills fan.

I watched the Buffalo Bills take on the Jacksonville Jaguars on November 26, 2006 and I watched my Bills overachieved to defeat what many considered a better Jacksonville team. On my website, I summarized my experience on my website. The weather for a game in November was fantastic. Blame global warming, but a mild winter in Buffalo ain't so bad.

Why the Quest for 31?

Why not???? I am a huge fan of the National Football League. I have a room in my apartment, dubbed the "Football Room". It's filled with football memorabilia, jerseys, a large screen projection TV, and a set of goalposts (to kick the extra point of course). It is the premiere venue within which to view professional football contests. I've been playing fantasy football since 1995, back before the internet made it into the premiere workplace distraction that it has become today. I'm a big fan of the Buffalo Bills ... I think it all started in 1988. The Buffalo Bills were beginning to turn around an abysmal record of football ineptitude. Marquis names and legends were being created. Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, Darryl Talley, Shane Conlan, Cornelius Bennett, Kent Hull ... the names of my youth.

So why the Quest? I am fascinated by the thirty-two teams in the NFL and what it means to be a fan of each. Visiting each home stadium in which they play, meeting local fans, wearing foreign colors, eating local delicacies, tailgating in each area ... that's what football is all about. If you're interested in monitoring my journey feel free to check out my site at