Friday, January 21, 2011

Where's Waldo Wanders the NBA & NHL

Well, the NFL regular season has passed many of us by as we are now well into the NFL playoffs. For me and my Buffalo Bills, our attention turns to next year and the promise of an infusion of new blood to help resuscitate the franchise. It just feels like we’ve all been through this before. Another NFL offseason, ripe with possibility ... another step closer to rebuilding this talent-starved franchise. So when do we actually stop re-building and just start building? When do the pieces finally fall into some semblance of a finished product that starts to win games? The last time the Bills were in the playoffs was the Music City Miracle against the Titans in 1998 … here’s hoping that the front office finally gets something right …. but I digress.

Along with the completion of another NFL regular season comes the promise of a renewed focus on the NBA and NHL. Springboarding from my success as an NFL stadium traveler, I am continuing my professional sports journey around the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League. I even came up with some spiffy names to describe these new quests, the “Roundball RoadTrip” and the “Frozen Pond Pilgrimage”. Throughout my NFL travels I recorded my experiences in the form of a written review. Over the years, my website has evolved into more of an NFL City Travel Guide. It’s like the Frommer’s of NFL stadium travelers. My hope is to bring this same mentality to my NBA and NHL journey’s. For each city I travel to, I’ll write about what there is to see and do in each sports-crazed city and make recommendations as to how to experience each as a true local fan. I’d also like to open up content generation for my network of websites to other guest correspondents. Those of you that are experts in your particular area or those of you who have also traveled to different sports cities, send me something on your experiences. I’m really interested in getting your thoughts on what there is to see and do across the NFL, NBA , and NHL. So if you’re out there and you’re interested, send me a photo and four of five sentences on your experiences across North America. Until then … be sure to look for me wandering around your city.