Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TicketCity.com Sends me to Super Bowl XLIV!

I recently received an incredible offer from "the fine folks at TicketCity". After promoting their online services over the last three years, writing stadium reviews for inclusion on their website, and sending them video from my many adventures around the league, they've actually offered to provide me with a ticket to Super Bowl XLIV in Miami! A ticket to the elusive NFL Championship game ... it's like the Quester's Holy Grail. I mean actually getting your hands on a ticket to the big dance is unheard of, unless you're one of the privileged few that can afford such a luxury. I'll tell you this much, that sucker is going to get bronzed, encased in a titanium ticket holder, and frozen in carbonite! I can't believe I'm finally going to the Super Bowl!

In the early Nineties during the Buffalo Bills reign of terror over the American Football Conference, I dreamed of going to the Super Bowl, but as it became more and more of a commercial entity, the likelihood of my actually attending a grew less and less feasible. In recent years, I grew more and more comfortable with the fact that attending football's greatest game is something that would probably never happen. For TicketCity to come forward and offer me a chance to be a part of an NFL Championship game is a great honor that I do not take lightly. It's certainly a most fitting way to close out the 2009 Season of Questing for 31. Words cannot express how greatful I am for this opportunity. I've just setup a page on my site to provide details to this year's Super Bowl Tailgating in Miami, click HERE for more information.

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