Friday, January 12, 2007

Stadium 2 - Raymond James Stadium - Tampa Bay, FL

Raymond James Stadium is easily my favorite stadium. The weather is always fantastic, the faciliy is top notch, and having family in the area always makes a trip down there better. The pirate ship at Raymond James Stadium in probably the most attractive fan feature in the NFL. Looking from the stands, it almost looks as though the ship is sailing through an ocean of fans. The best thing about the stadium is how the pirate theme is carried throughout the facility ... there are pirates walking around the stadium, all the concessions stands are pirate themed, and the fans a phenomenal.

I visited Raymond James Stadium on December 10, 2006 and watched as the hapless Bucs were crushed by the incomparable Mike Vick and the visiting Atlanta Falcons, a summary of my experience can be found at

The day was still fantastic. We tailgated in the parking area, grilliing up some local stone crab claws and acorn squash along with some chili dogs (Hormel makes a great canned turkey chili that is 99% fat free). The stone crab claws prived to be a bit more challenging to open that I expected. Instead of cracking them open with a nutcracker ... I ended up swing that nut cracker in an attempt the smash the claws open.