Thursday, January 25, 2007

Stadium 6 - Paul Brown Stadium - Cincinnati, OH

It was Monday night football at TJ's spot and myself, Day Day, and TJ got together to watch the game. I had spied a pair of tickets on E-bay that weren't getting many bids earlier in the evening. They were tickets for the Cincinnati Bengals game that Sunday, so when I got over to TJ's I bid on the tickets and won. Our Frat brother JC lives in Cincinnati and I hadn't seen him in a while so I thought it was a opportune time to pay him a visit. JC is a walking party ... all day, all night, all JC. That dude is a trip. I was looking to have a good time and the city of Cincinnati delivered. The Bengals game on Sunday was awesome! Paul Brown Stadium was filled with orange and black the the fans were in a frenzy as their hometeam Bengals took on the SanDiego "Super" Chargers. I'd purchased a Carsen Palmer jersey the night before and for some reason had the theme song to "WKRP" in my head. "WHO DEY!!!" Check out my experience at Paul Brown Stadium at

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